Orthodontics is a specialty branch in dentistry that majorly involves treating patients with bad bites. This dental specialty will take care of the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of malocclusions, crowded and misaligned teeth. Early orthodontic treatment has its benefits as it helps take care of the patient's long-term health goals. 

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Improves dental health

Orthodontic care is an essential part of maintaining the appearance of the health of your child's smile. Teeth that are better aligned also makes it easier to brush with lesser chances of developing diseases that may affect the health of the patient's gums.

Lesser treatment

Early orthodontic treatment is also known as interceptive orthodontics. Dental professionals always advise patients to start treatment as early as seven years. This is highly recommended as the patient's oral cavity would only be growing at this point which would make it easier to address conditions such as overcrowding, misalignments at an early age thereby avoiding the need for heavy treatment in the future.

Pediatric Orthodontist

A children's or pediatric orthodontist is a dental professional who is trained for several years to improve the function and appearance of the child's smile by applying various devices and treatments. A pediatric orthodontist would thoroughly assess the patient's bite and oral cavity. 

First Visit

The patient's first appointment is an important one as it helps determine the past and existing dental problems. It also helps assess and determine whether treatment is necessary. The dentist would take necessary X-rays and photographs if needed. Based on the initial examination, the orthodontist would come to a diagnosis and explain the course of action to the parents. The dentist may recommend orthodontic appliances such as braces, expanders, retainers, etc that would best suit the patient's case.

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