Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Posted by LITTLE BYTES PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY on Dec 12 2016, 01:47 AM

Baby teeth are important for helping your child bite and chew food, and for allowing them to speak correctly throughout their childhood. You may be surprised to learn that taking care of baby teeth is just as important as a routine cleaning and examination schedule for adult teeth, and Dr. Michelle Haghpanah encourages you visit her office with your little one before he or she is even a year old, preferably between the time your child’s first tooth emerges and his or her first birthday. Tooth decay can occur as soon as a tooth erupts into the mouth, and a problem with decay in baby teeth can lead to the same or a worsening issue in adult teeth. If your baby has teeth, your baby should have a dentist, and Dr. Michelle Haghpanah specializes in pediatric services, so you can feel confident and comfortable that your child is in safe hands.

Teaching your children good oral health habits at a young age can lead to a lifelong healthy smile, and a trip to the dentist should always be a positive outing for young ones. Dr. Michelle Haghpanah recommends morning visits for children, as they are more likely to be well- rested, upbeat, and cooperative after a good night’s sleep.

During your child’s first pediatric dental visit to Little Bytes Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Michelle Haghpanah will discuss things like taking care of your child’s oral health, thumb or finger sucking, accident prevention, dietary habits that are linked to oral health, and any other areas of question or concern you might have for your child. Cavities aren’t the only thing parents should be aware of in their child’s mouth, and Dr. Michelle Haghpanah knows the tricks and tips to keep parents alert and armed for children’s oral growth and development. Dr. Michelle Hagpanah will also go through follow- up care for your child’s teeth, as well as your responsibilities as a parent for keeping your little one’s smile shining bright!

Including trips to Dr. Michelle Haghpanah’s office as a part of your child’s regular oral healthcare routine at an early age means that you can trust that your child is in the careful and skilled hands of a pediatric professional, relax, and smile.

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