Oral Care for Kids and Infants

Posted by LITTLE BYTES PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY on May 27 2020, 03:13 AM

Seeing their little one's smile is one of the best feelings that parents could hope for. Most babies do not have their first set of teeth for the first six months. However, dental care is essential during this phase, as the baby's oral health depends on it. We recommend you bring your baby for the initial visit before their first birthday so that we can monitor the growth of their teeth.

How can you care for your infant's oral health?

Microbes present in the mouth are responsible for most infections and cavities. Make it a habit to clean your infant's gums with a clean and damp washcloth every time you breastfeed. They may make a fuss during the initial stages but will get used to it. In fact, your child will most likely start to enjoy oral cleaning as they grow up.

Babies usually get their first tooth between the age of 3 to 9 months. They may feel an irritation in the gums, restlessness, and excessive drooling due to teething. Parents should ensure no residue is left on their teeth or gums after feeding them, as it may lead to a condition called baby bottle tooth decay. Caries forms on the teeth if sugary liquids and residue are left on them for a long time.

How can thumb sucking be treated?

Thumb sucking keeps babies calm and soothes them. Though it isn't a major oral concern, it could affect the eruption of the milk teeth when babies do it actively. Bring your child to a dentist, and we can suggest an orthodontically right pacifier so that it doesn't affect the eruption of teeth. Getting thumb sucking treated during the early stages is highly essential to avoid childhood malocclusion.

Caring for your toddler's teeth

Taking care of an infant and a toddler is quite different. Kids start having their own ideas and raise a lot of questions as they grow. They may make a fuss when you try to brush their teeth or take them to a dentist for a routine consultation. Parents must use a soft-bristled kids' toothbrush along with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to brush their child's teeth. This must only be done when they are old enough to know that they shouldn't swallow the toothpaste, which is ideal for two years of age.

Make brushing the teeth seem exciting by narrating interesting stories. You may choose your child's favorite cartoon character, the tooth fairy, or anything that grabs their attention. At Little Bytes Pediatric Dentistry, we prioritize on maintaining a friendly and compassionate approach towards children. This helps us build a relationship with them and address their oral concerns in the most effective way.

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