Infants And Kids Oral Care

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The first teeth of a child generally start growing around six months after birth, so it is best to adapt oral care and dental hygiene practices from that point onwards. When your child practices good oral hygiene while growing up, it will help them have a beautiful set of teeth for their entire life. 

On the other hand, poor dental care can lead to gum disease, decay, tooth loss, and sleep disturbance for children. Dental problems can affect a child’s self-esteem as well as their overall health. 

Why Are Primary Teeth Important? 

Take good care of a child’s primary teeth, even though they will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth. Decay of primary teeth could cause severe dental problems that might need a root canal or tooth extraction. Decayed primary teeth could also infect underlying permanent teeth.

Infant Oral Care and Hygiene 

Watch out for bacteria in your infant’s mouth. These bacteria may produce acid that could weaken teeth. Here are some tips to keep from breeding or transmitting bacteria:

  • After breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, wipe over your infant's teeth with a washed cloth.
  • Avoid kissing the infant in the mouth.
  • Avoid testing formula temperature with your mouth.
  • Use a dedicated set of utensils for the infant.
  • Don't allow the infant to sleep with a bottle of milk, juice, or sugary drinks in their mouth to keep sugar from becoming acid on teeth.
  • Avoid feeding at bedtime or nap time.

Kids Oral Care and Hygiene 

Brush and floss your kids’ teeth until you can teach them how to do it by themselves. Use an age-appropriate soft-bristle toothbrush with no toothpaste until your child can spit. When your child can spit, around age 3, only then can you use fluoride toothpaste. Otherwise, the toothpaste could cause fluorosis or white spots on their permanent teeth.

Here are some tips to make kids interested in brushing their teeth daily and some general tips on how to keep your kids’ teeth healthy:

  • Have children choose their toothbrushes in their favorite color or with their character.
  • Reward them for practicing good oral hygiene.
  • Read to them children’s books about good oral hygiene.
  • Control their intake of sugary foods and juices.
  • Check your child's mouth daily. If you notice any white or brown spots, visit your dentist.

Visit a dentist when your child becomes six months old, or when your baby's first teeth appear. Through regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene practices, your child can have healthy teeth for life.

Are you worried about your little one's oral health? Call Little Bytes Pediatric Dentistry at  (650) 322-9837 or schedule an appointment online for expert infant and kids oral care services.

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