How to care for teeth during orthodontic treatment?

Posted by Little Bytes Pediatric Dentistry on Apr 22 2019, 08:12 AM

Have you gotten dental braces or any other form of orthodontic aligners lately? Great! Congrats on your way to getting a smile that’s orthodontically aligned and aesthetically pleasing. But, while having the aligners in your mouth, are you taking the necessary care to ensure your oral health isn’t depleting?

 Getting dental braces is a great way to straighten your teeth. But, many people develop oral infections while having braces on due to the lack of proper oral care during the course of the treatment. This can jeopardize your oral health and lead to issues such as cavities, discoloration, plaque, and tartar accumulation, etc. Hence, it is advisable for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment to take better care of their oral health.


 The basics: Brush and floss

 Brushing and flossing teeth is one of the most basic, yet effective things one can practice. They get rid of the majority of the bacteria from the mouth, thereby considerably reducing the chances of developing cavities and other oral infections. But, brushing and flossing between the braces isn’t easy as it could easily damage the brackets and wires. Also, a lot of food debris can be left behind on the teeth on which the microbes feed.

 Be patient. Take your time to work around individual brackets as plaque and tartar tend to accumulate more around them. Use a soft bristle toothbrush as it wouldn’t damage the braces. Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and brush the teeth using circular strokes. Ensure that all the food debris has been removed thoroughly from around the brackets as well as the wires.

How do you floss with braces on?

Flossing with orthodontic aligners on can get quite tricky as the wires would interrupt normal flossing. But, it is just as important as brushing. Hence, make use of a piece of floss that has a stiff tip so that you can insert it between two teeth without having to bring it all the way to the gums starting from the tooth tips. Get rid of all the food particles and tartar deposits from between the teeth for more effective treatment and better oral health.

Keep an eye on the food you eat

 While undergoing orthodontic treatment, there are certain foods that you should avoid eating. Foods that can easily get stuck in between the teeth and the braces, sticky food such as gummy bears, pizza, French fries, hard foods such as nuts, candy, etc. must be kept off the diet. This prevents any damage to the braces and the food from getting stuck in between them.

Never skip your dental consultations

 The dentist would schedule periodic appointments so that they can keep a check on your orthodontic treatment and rectify any damage to the braces. In case the wires need loosening or tightening, it can be made so that the right amount of pressure will be applied on the teeth. The dentist may also clean your teeth to get rid of the tartar deposits.
Just a little extra effort towards maintaining oral hygiene can give you a better smile when you’re done with the orthodontic treatment.

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