Dental Options for Children with Sensory Issues

Posted by LITTLE BYTES PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY on Feb 12 2021, 08:13 AM

Does your child suffer from sensory processing disorder (SPD)? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. We are going to list everything you need to do when taking your child to a dental appointment. 

There are numerous things to keep in mind, but the foremost should be that you opt for a pediatric dentist rather than a family dentist. 

Children with SPD respond differently to change in their usual environment. Hence, it is important to opt for dental clinics that have been constructed and well equipped for such cases. 

Considering environmental conditions

  • Visual-Environment:SPD patients respond overwhelmingly to flickering, bright lights. Therefore, a well-aware pediatric dentist builds their clinic in warm tones and calming colors, such as light blue, tan, or grey. The child might also react to cluttered and disorganized settings. Therefore decluttering and organizing workspaces will also be helpful. The staff might also provide sunglasses for the patient to prevent overstimulation from visual inputs.
  • Auditory Environment: SPD patients who are sensitive to loud sounds might react to them. Even the littlest of noise can cause them discomfort and dread getting treated. The most efficient way to work in situations like these is to provide noise-canceling headphones to the patients. 
  • Tactile Adaptations:A child who is hypersensitive to touch needs highly patient and trained dentists. Every time the dentist needs to touch the child, the child should be informed. The child can bring their favorite toys or blanket along with them when they come for treatment. 
  • Smell and Taste Environment: Patients with hyperactive olfactory organs can detect smells. Any scent or fragrance might make them uncomfortable. 

The child might not get ready to visit a dentist initially, but you can make your child feel comfortable by informing them about all the benefits the visit might reap. 

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