Children Under Age Five Should Drink Mostly Milk and Water, New Guidelines Say

Posted by LITTLE BYTES PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY on Mar 5 2021, 09:23 AM

For the healthy growth of infants, it is necessary to give proper food. If you assume that feeding your kids with the fancy products available in the market, you might have to think twice. In recent times, many parents are moving towards these fascinating products for their infants and are keeping their kids away from traditional foods. As a result, they are actually restricting their infant's growth. According to a recent study, kids of the age five and below must and should drink milk and water. 

Specifying instructions for the kids aged below five says that they should be exposed more to breast milk, and later, water can be added to their diet only after seven months. For those who are brought up on formula in their early months, cow's milk can be added to their diet once they turn one. Many doctors also revealed that toddlers should be fed only milk and water as drinks until the age of 5. 

Restricting the toddlers from the sweetened beverages and artificial products, which includes chocolate shakes, are recommended. The scientists also said that caffeine and non-dairy products like almonds, rice, or oat milk should be avoided at any cost if they are urging for the infants' healthy growth. 

Many beverages like juices should also be avoided as they contain a lot of sugar, which is very harmful to the kids' growth. Following these guidelines also help children to avoid obesity. And for obesity, sugar is the major contributor. 

We can notice that sweetened beverages and junk food are the primary contributors to child obesity in the current generation. These new guidelines lay stress on the importance of introducing a healthy, nourishing diet for the kids. These scientists also claim with the proper evidence that children tend to develop their taste buds and assert preference at a young age, and feeding them a healthy, rich choice would contribute to their nutrients level. 

It is to be noted that children develop preferences for foods and beverages at a young age, and these recommendations are made to shape a healthy palate. So it is important to give utmost importance to the diet of the children for their healthy growth. 

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