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Posted by LITTLE BYTES PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY on Mar 7 2018, 01:32 AM

Dr Michelle Hagpanah Little Bytes DentistDr Michelle Hagpanah Little Bytes DentistFresh haircut, new shoes, a clean backpack – so your little ones are all ready for the first day of school right? Don’t forget to send your kids back to school with a healthy and happy smile this August!

The first few days of school often come and go in a whirlwind of papers and signatures, new school supplies and sack lunches you forgot how to pack over summer; it’s important to remember that amongst all the chaos, oral hygiene routines shouldn’t be left in the dust! There is no better time to reset family oral hygiene routines than the beginning of new, natural periods like back to school! Here’s a few ways you can help the whole family establish healthy habits that will last the school year and beyond that – a lifetime!

Establish a regular brushing and flossing schedule to mesh right into your new school schedule. Before school in the mornings, after school before homework, and again before bedtime, allow brushing and flossing to become a natural part of your children’s day-to-day routine so that healthy habits feel natural and easy.

Stock up on healthy snacks that kids can grab while they run out the door to practice, or just before they sit down for homework after school. Crunchy raw fruits and veggies are natural plaque scrapers and help bulk-up immune systems so that young bodies are naturally defended against bacteria!

Pack a water bottle every day! Not only is water important for hydration, but kids are also less-likely to opt for buying sugary sodas and sports’ drinks if they already have a water bottle packed! For young kids especially, bringing a water bottle to school can be more appealing if you let kids pick out the bottles themselves. By selecting a reusable water bottle, you can help reduce your waste and your carbon footprint too!

Schedule a back-to-school dental checkup with your Dr. Michelle Haghpanah dentist Dr. Michelle Haghpanah! Sometimes summer vacation steers us all a bit off track from our regular healthy habits, and Dr. Haghpanah wants to reset your family for the best back to school season. Dental decay is one of the leading chronic conditions for children and is often worse after a few months of less-than-perfect dental practices during vacation indulgences.

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